Our guest’s favorites..

Clubsandwich Le Club, a wonderfull clubsandwich with grilled chicken-thighs, avocadomayonaise, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, red onignion and tomato €12.50

Clubsandwich La Mer, a delicious fish-clubsandwich with tunasalad, smoked salmon, lettuce. tomato, cucumber, horsradishdressing, red onion and an egg  € 12.50

Le Vegan, exciting club sandwich with vegan bacon, avocado mayonnaise, lettuce, red onion, roasted vegetables, tomato, cucumber and pine nuts € 12.50



Oatmeal / banana pancakes with fresh fruit (and syrup) € 7.50

Toast with butter and homemade jam € 3.75

Spelled cracker healthy with ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, cucumber and tomato € 6.75

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, cruesli and honey € 6.75

Vegan coconut yogurt with fresh fruit and cruesli € 7.25



Fried eggs, omelette or scrambled eggs €6,50

…with mushrooms, tomato and/or onion €0,75

…with ham, cheese and/or bacon €1,50

…with salmon  €2.00



Avocado, boiled free-range egg, mixed salad € 8.5

… With bacon + € 1.50

..with smoked salmon + € 2.00

Brie, walnuts, fig compote and arugula € 8.50

Naturally matured goat cheese from the “bokkesprong”, avocado, pear, nuts and mixed lettuce € 10.50

Egg salad with bacon, sundried tomatoes and lettuce € 7.50

Egg salad vegetarian with sundried tomatoes and lettuce € 6.50

Carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and arugula € 8.50

Smoked mackerel with lemon mayonnaise, date chutney and lettuce € 8.50

Tuna salad with capers, cucumber and lettuce € 8.00

Smoked salmon with cucumber, lemon, horseradish dressing and lettuce € 8.50

Children’s sandwich with a slice of cheese, peanut butter, sprinkles or Nutella € 3.00



Sweet with cinnamon-sugar and butter €5,00

Goat cheese with syrup/molasses and bacon €6,00



Delicious beef burger from Weiderij Horison with homemade BBQ sauce, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and pickle on a crispy Italian bun with chips € 14.50



Grilled Cheese 3 slices of cheese) €4,00

Dutch Style with ham and cheese €4,50

Italian Style with mozzarella, homemade pesto, and tomato €5,50

American tuna-melt with tuna salad and cheddar cheese €6,50

Early bird with Old Amsterdam cheese, bacon, arugula, and a fried egg on top €6,50





Homemade soup with bread and butter €6.50



Niçoise salad with mixed lettuce, tuna salad, cucumber, tomato, haricots verts, black olives, onion and egg, bread and butter € 13.50

Caesar salad with poached chicken thighs, eggs, bacon, croutons, romaine lettuce and Parmesan, bread and butter € 13.50

Vega, salad with goat cheese from the “Bokkensprong”, pear, avocado, nuts with a honey dressing mixed lettuce, bread and butter € 14.50



Assortment of cookies and chocolate €4,50

Homemade pie €4,50

Homemade cake  €4,50

Whipped cream €0,50




Coffee / Espresso € 2.40

Double Espresso € 3.40

Cappuccino / Espresso macchiato € 2.65

Large Cappuccino € 4.00

Flat White € 3.65

Latte Macchiato // Café Latte € 3.25

“Special Coffee” with whipped cream, brown sugar and a hint of liquor (Tia Maria, Amaretto, Whiskey, Cointreau, Grand Marnier) € 7.85

Betjeman & Barton Tea € 2.65

Chai Latte € 3.25

Fresh mint tea with honey € 3.25

Ginger tea € 3.25

Hot chocolate € 2.75

Whipped cream / décafe / oat milk + € 0.50

Extra shot of espresso / coffee + € 1.00

Monin, delicious flavors in the coffee: caramel, hazelnut, chocolate or vanilla + € 1.00



Organic apple juice / pear juice / grape juice € 2.85

Tomato juice € 2.85

Starter lemonade € 1.50

Fresh Orange juice € 4.00

homemade daily juice € 4.50

Glass of (butter) milk € 2.25

Chocomel / Fristi € 2.75

Coca Cola (zero), Sprite, Fanta € 2.85

Bitterlemon, Tonic, Cassis € 2.85

Chaudfontaine red / blue, Ginger Ale € 2.85

Icetea green, sparkling, peach € 2.85

Chaudfontaine red / blue 0.75l € 5.75



Gin Tonic Loopuyt € 8.75

Scropino € 7.50

Aperol Spritz € 8.50

Martini Bianco € 8.25

Mojito € 8.50

Gin Tonic non alcohol € 5.75

Virgin Mojito € 4.75



White: Surprising Pinot Grigio (house wine) € 4.00 / € 21.50

White: French Sauvignon Blanc € 4.25 / € 22.50

White: Organic Spanish Verdejo € 4.50 / € 23.50

White non alcohol: Organic Sparkling white 20cl € 6.50

Rosé: Soft pink blush (house wine) € 4.00 / € 21.50

Red: Italian organic Merlot (house wine) € 4.00 / € 21.50

Red: Italian Feudo Arancio Passiari € 24.50

Cava: La Brava “brut” € 8.50 (18cl) / € 24.50



Seef beer, cloudy blond € 4.75

Boats of beer, red ale € 4.95

Carmelite, triple € 5.25

Affligem Blond € 4.75

Brewery ‘t IJ IJwit € 5.50

Rusty Blond, ginger blond € 5.50

Palm beer, pale ale € 3.00

Castle dark, stron ale € 5.50

Texel Skuumkoppe, dark white beer € 4.75

VandeOir lent, double € 4.95

Brewery ‘t IJ I.P.A. € 5.50

Grolsch 0.0% € 3.25

Vandestreek, I.P.A. 0.5% € 4.95

Radler 2.0% € 3.50

Draftbeer: Grolsch vase € 2.75

Draftbeer: Grolsch seasonal beer € 3.75



Egg liqueur with whipped cream  €4,50

Special Coffee with whipped cream, brown sugar and a shot (Tia Maria, Amaretto Whisky, Cointreau, Grand Marnier) €7,85

Scropino, refreshing cocktail with prosecco,wodka and Lemon Ice Cream  €7,50



Dutch Spirits  €3,50

Foreign Spirits  €4,50

Whisky or Liqueur  €5,00



Bowl of Olives € 4.75

Crispy bread with tzatziki and a tapenade of sun-dried tomato and feta € 4.50

Quesadilla, tortilla filled with cheese, bell pepper, spring onion and a pepper with Tzatziki € 6.75

Drinks platter (small / large) € 9.75 / € 18.50

Beef bitterballen (7 pieces) € 6.75

Mini microquet goat cheese / spinach (7 pieces) € 6.95

Squid rings with garlic sauce (10 pieces) € 7.75

Cheese sticks with old cheese (7 pieces) € 6.75

Spicy Javaantjes with chili sauce (7 pieces) € 6.25

Crisps dish with garlic sauce € 3.50

Nachos from the oven with tomato salsa, cheese and creme frache € 8.95

Can of Portuguese tuna with chili pepper, ginger and bell pepper € 8.75

Can of Portuguese sardines in teriyaki sauce € 8.75

Can of Portuguese Atlantic pomfret in coconut milk with chili pepper and lime leaves € 8.75





Kumpir is a large baked potato filled with mashed potatoes, beans, tomato, red onion, carrot, pickle and corn. We serve the Kumpir with fresh coleslaw.

Kumpir with the above toppings and a homemade meatball with garlic sauce 16.50

Kumpir with the above toppings and a slice of salmon baked on the skin with horseradish mayo 17.50

Vegetarian sweet potato Kumpir with the above toppings, with pieces of avocado and avocado mayonnaise 15





Crispy bread with tzatziki and a tapenade of sun-dried tomato and fêta € 4.50

Greek baked feta from the oven with olives and tomatoes. Dipping with crispy bread € 8.50

Rillette of smoked mackerel on crispy brioche bread, date compote, lemon mayo and pickled red onion € 9.50

Vitello tonato, veal with a delicious sauce of tuna, capers and more € 11,50

Quesedilla, tortilla filled with cheese, a pepper, spring onion and bell pepper, served with tzatziki € 6.75

Can of Portuguese tuna with chili pepper, ginger and bell pepper € 8.75

Tin of Portuguese sardines in terriyaki sauce € 8.75

Can of Portuguese fish fillet in coconut milk with chili pepper and lime leaves € 8.75

Beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, arugula, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts € 8.75

Homemade soup with bread and butter € 5.50

Large king prawns fried in herb oil and served with toast € 11.50

Chinese pancakes (3 pieces) with pulled porc in Hoisin sauce, crispy spring onion, cucumber, carrot € 8.75



Nicoise salad of mixed lettuce, tuna-salad, cucumber, tomato, green beans, black olives, onion, and two hard-boiled eggs. Served with bread and butter  €13,75

Caesar salad with chicken, caesar dressing, bacon, two hard-boiled eggs, croutons, romaine lettuce, and Parmesan cheese, served with bread and butter   €13,75

Vegetarian salad of mixed lettuce, goat cheese, pear, avocado, nuts, and a honey-dressing, served with bread and butter  €14,50



Kids pasta with cheese and a mild, creamy tomato sauce   €6,50

One chicken-satay skewer served with homemade fries and mayo   €7,50

Kids burger from the nearby farm ‘Horison’ served with homemade fries and mayo   €7,50




Bread with butter   €1,50

Serving of homemade fries with homemade mayo   €3,00

Serving of sweet potato fries with homemade mayo  €3,50

Portion of seasonal vegetables from the oven €4.50



A delicious grilled ribeye with chimichurri and homemade fries € 18.50

Stifado, Greek stew of long simmered beef with tomato, pearl onions and a hint of cinnamon and homemade fries € 17.50

Steak tartare of round steak with truffle mayonnaise, an egg, cornichons and silver onions with homemade chips €18.50

Chinese pancakes (6 pieces) with pulled porc in Hoisin sauce, crispy spring onion, cucumber, carrot and rice € 16.50


Sea bass, oven-baked fresh (whole) fish straight from the port, served with sweet-potato fries  €17,50

Thai sweet/spicy fish curry, with shrimp, cod, salmon,  stir-fried veggies and rice  €17,50


Homemade spicy beet burger with caramelized apples, feta and sweet potato fries € 15.50

Pasta with homemade pesto, onion, mushrooms, arugula, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese € 15.50

Vegan vegetable curry € 15.50





Chicken thighs satay with homemade satay sauce and homemade fries € 15.50

The 100% honest and delicious burger from Weiderij Horison with homemade fries € 15.50

“Healthy” fries kapsalon with grilled chicken thighs, sweet potato fries, grilled vegetables and homemade garlic sauce € 15.50

VEGA “Healthy” fries kapsalon with sweet potato fries, cheddar, grilled vegetables and homemade garlic sauce € 14.50



Homemade pie  €4,50

Scroppino lemon sorbet ice cream with vodka and topped up with prosecco, served with mint leafs  €7,50

Italian Tiramisu with finger biscuits, mascarpone and a touch of Amaretto € 7,50

Eton mess, a delicious mess of meringue with red fruit and whipped cream € 7,50

Profiteroles homemade and served with vanilla ice cream, a warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream  €7,50

New York cheesecake with a pie crust of Bastogne cookies, served with red fruit compote and vanilla ice cream €7,50

Affogato; vanilla ice cream topped with warm expresso, whipped cream and chocolate curls €6,50

Chocolate-mousse (from a recipe of the famous Dutch patissier Cees Holtkamp) served with caramelised pecans and whipped cream €6,75

Special coffee coffee with liqueur and whipped cream. Choose from Tia Maria, Amaretto, Whisky, Cointreau, or Grand Marnier  €7,85

Kids ice cream scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream €3,50


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