Our guest’s favorites..

Clubsandwich Le Club, a wonderfull clubsandwich with grilled chicken-thighs, avocadomayonaise, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, red onignion and tomato €13.95

Clubsandwich La Mer, a delicious fish-clubsandwich with tunasalad, smoked salmon, lettuce. tomato, cucumber, horsradishdressing, red onion and an egg  € 13.95

Le Vegan, exciting club sandwich with vegan bacon, avocado mayonnaise, lettuce, red onion, roasted vegetables, tomato, cucumber and pine nuts € 13.95




Oatmeal / banana pancakes with fresh fruit (and syrup) € 8.75

Toast with butter and homemade jam € 4.50

Spelt cracker healthy with ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, cucumber and tomato €8,50

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, cruesli and honey € 7.75

Vegan coconut yogurt with fresh fruit and cruesli €8.75

Turkish eggs; two poached eggs, caramelized pumpkin, savory Turkish yogurt, chili beurre noisette and crusty bread for dipping  €12,00



Fried eggs, omelette or scrambled eggs €8.50

…with mushrooms, tomato and/or onion €1.00

…with ham, cheese and/or bacon €2.00

…with 1/2 avocado €2.50

…with salmon  €2.50



Avocado, boiled free-range egg, mixed salad € 10.50

… With bacon + € 2.00

..with smoked salmon + € 2.50

Brie, walnuts, fig compote and arugula € 11.75

Naturally matured goat cheese from the “bokkesprong”, avocado, pear, nuts and mixed lettuce € 13.75

Smoked mackerel with lemon mayonnaise, date chutney and lettuce € 11.75

Tuna salad with capers, cucumber and lettuce €11.75

Smoked salmon with cucumber, lemon, horseradish dressing and lettuce € 12.75

Children’s sandwich with a slice of cheese, peanut butter, sprinkles or Nutella € 4.50



Crispy focaccia with rosé baked and thinly sliced ​​entrecote with truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese and lettuce € 13.75

Focaccia ‘a la Caprese’ with arugula, pesto mayonnaise, buffalo mozzarella, tomato slices, Parmesan cheese, topped with a tapenade of sun-dried tomato (vegetarian) €12.75



Italian bun with prawns fried in herb butter, half an avocado, mixed lettuce and garlic mayonnaise € 13.75

Italian bun with spicy marinated chicken thighs with mushrooms, bell pepper and red onion, sweet and sour cucumber, roasted onions and mixed lettuce € 12.75



Sweet with cinnamon-sugar and butter €6,50

Goat cheese with syrup/molasses and bacon €7,50



Delicious beef burger from Weiderij Horison with homemade BBQ sauce, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and pickle on a crispy Italian bun with chips € 15.50



Grilled Cheese 3 slices of cheese) €5.50

Dutch Style with ham and cheese €6.50

Italian Style with mozzarella, homemade pesto, and tomato €7.50

American tuna-melt with tuna salad and cheddar cheese €8.50

Early bird with Old Amsterdam cheese, bacon, arugula, and a fried egg on top €8.50


Homemade soup with bread and butter €7.50



Niçoise salad with mixed lettuce, tuna salad, cucumber, tomato, haricots verts, black olives, onion and egg, bread and butter € 15.00

Caesar salad with poached chicken thighs, eggs, bacon, croutons, romaine lettuce and Parmesan, bread and butter € 15.00

Vega, salad with goat cheese from the “Bokkensprong”, pear, avocado, nuts with a honey dressing mixed lettuce, bread and butter € 15.00



Assortment of cookies and chocolate €5,00

Various Homemade pie €5.50

Homemade apple pie €5.50

Homemade cake  €5.50

Whipped cream €1,00




25 Coffee / Espresso € 3,00

Double Espresso € 4,50

Cappuccino € 3,75

Large Cappuccino € 4,75

Espresso macchiato / Cortado € 3.25

Flat White € 4.25

Latte Macchiato 4.50

Café Latte € 4.50

“Special Coffee” with whipped cream, brown sugar and a hint of liquor (Tia Maria, Amaretto, Whiskey, Cointreau, Grand Marnier) € 10.25

Betjeman & Barton Tea € 3.50

Chai Latte € 3.75

Ice-coffee small/large € 3.75 / € 4.50

Fresh mint tea with honey € 3.75

Ginger tea € 3.75

Hot chocolate € 3.25

Whipped cream / décafe / oat milk + € 0.50

Extra shot of espresso / coffee + € 1.50

Monin, delicious flavors in the coffee: caramel, hazelnut, chocolate or vanilla + € 1.50



Organic apple juice / pear juice / grape juice € 3.50

Tomato juice € 3.50

Starter lemonade € 2.00

Fresh Orange juice € 4.75

homemade daily juice € 4.75

Glass of (butter) milk € 2.75

Chocomel / Fristi € 3.25

Coca Cola (zero), Sprite, Fanta € 3.50

Bitterlemon, Tonic, Cassis, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer € 3.50

Fentimans Rose Lemonade € 4.75

Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic € 4.75

Icetea green, sparkling € 3.25

San Pellegrino sparkling water small 25cl €3,25

San Pellegrino sparkling water big 75cl €6,75

Acqua Panna flat water small 25cl €3,25

Acqua Panna flat water big 75cl €6,75



Gin Tonic Hendrick’s € 11.75

Gin Tonic Loopuyt € 11.75

Scropino € 8.50

Aperol Spritz or Limoncello Spritz € 10.50

Moscow Mule € 10.50

Mojito € 10.50

Gin Tonic non alcohol € 9.75

Martini Vibrante non alcohol € 7,50

Crodino aperitivo non alcohol € 7,75

Mojito non alcohol € 7.50



White: Sauvignon Bl. & Colombard  €5.50 / €28,50

White: Pinot Grigio  €5,75 / €29,00

White: Verdejo €6,25 / €30,00

White: Chardonnay €7,25 / €36,00

White: Sauvignon Bl. & Macabeo  €— / €37,50

Rosé: Syrah & Grenache Noir  €5.50 / €27,50

Rosé: Nuit Blanche (AOP Provence) €— / €42.50

Red: Merlot €5.50 / €27,50

Red: Marselan  €5.50 / €27,50

Red: Tempranillo (DOC Rioja)  €— / €40,00

Cava: Brut Reserva €9,50 (18cl) / €37,50



Carmelite, triple € 6,00

Affligem Blond € 5.25

Brewery ‘t IJ IJwit € 6.25

Roestig Blond, ginger blond € 5.75

Kasteelbier dark, strong ale € 6.25

La Trappe, white, trappist  € 5.75

Oedipus Mannenliefde, seasonal € 6.75

Jopen blurred lines, IPA € 6.50

Grolsch 0.0% € 3,25

La Trappe nillis. 0.0%, trappist € 5.75

Brewery ‘t IJ vrijwit, 0,5%, white € 5.75

Vandestreek, 0,5%, IPA € 6,00

Draftbeer: Grolsch vase € 3.75

Draftbeer: Grolsch seasonal beer € 5.50



Egg liqueur with whipped cream  €7.00

Special Coffee with whipped cream, brown sugar and a shot (Tia Maria, Amaretto Whisky, Cointreau, Grand Marnier) €10.25

Scropino, refreshing cocktail with prosecco,wodka and Lemon Ice Cream  €9,50



Dutch Spirits  €5.50

Foreign Spirits  €7.50

Whisky or Liqueur  €7.50

Tawny or Ruby Port €7.50



Bowl of Olives € 5,00

Crispy bread with tzatziki and a tapenade of sun-dried tomato and feta € 6.00

Quesadilla, tortilla filled with cheese, bell pepper, spring onion and a pepper with Tzatziki €7.75

Drinks platter (small / large) € 10.75 / € 19.75

Beef bitterballen (6 pieces) € 7.95

Mini microquet goat cheese / spinach (6 pieces) € 8,25

Squid rings with garlic sauce (10 pieces) € 9,00

Cheese sticks with old cheese (6 pieces) € 7.75

Spicy Javaantjes with chili sauce (6 pieces) € 6,50

Crisps dish with garlic sauce € 5,00

Nachos from the oven with tomato salsa, cheese and creme frache € 10,00

Can of Portuguese tuna with chili pepper, ginger and bell pepper € 9.75

Can of Portuguese Atlantic pomfret in coconut milk with chili pepper and lime leaves € 9.75




Quesedilla, tortilla filled with cheese, a pepper, spring onion and bell pepper, served with tzatziki (V) €7.75

Crispy bread with tzatziki and a tapenade of sun-dried tomato and fêta (V) €6.00

Smoked mackerel rilette on crispy brioche bread with date compote, lemon mayonnaise and pickled red onion €12.50

Carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, arugula, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese €11.50

Greek feta from the oven with olives, lemon, garlic, vine tomatoes and red onion. Dipping with crusty bread (V) €11.50

Soup of the day with bread and butter (V) €7.50






Grilled ribeye (200 grams) with chimichurri and a baked potato from the oven with tzatziki or home-cut fries with mayonnaise €24.50

Coquelette (1 person) oven chicken marinated in garlic, lemon and thyme with homemade apple sauce and fries €22.5

Caesar salad with Romano lettuce, poached chicken thighs, Caesar dressing, bacon, a boiled egg and Parmesan cheese (with bread and butter €17.50 / with fries €19.50)

Delicious beef burger from Weiderij Horison with BBQ sauce, onion, tomato, cucumber, pickle on an Italian bun with home-cut fries €19.50

‘Healthy’ kapsalon fries with sweet potato fries, oven vegetables, cheddar and homemade garlic sauce with grilled chicken thighs 19.5 


Sea bass, oven-baked fresh (whole) fish straight from the port, served with sweet-potato fries  €23,50

Black Tiger piri piri prawns, (6 pieces, body peeled) fried in garlic, a pepper and smoked paprika powder, served with sweet potato fries €22.5

Bisque, creamy fish soup of shrimp, fennel, carrot, onion with shrimp, salmon, cod and squid with crusty bread and rouille (aioli) €22.5

Coeur de Boeuf tomato salad with tuna flakes, caramelized red onion, delicious olive oil, green chili pepper (soft) and Parmesan cheese, with crispy bread €18.5


Vegan burger of young capuchins with corn, half an avocado and avocado mayonnaise on an Italian bun with sweet potato fries €19.5

Coeur de Boeuf tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella, caramelized red onion, delicious olive oil, green chili pepper (soft) and Parmesan cheese, with crispy bread €18.5

‘Healthy’ kapsalon fries with sweet potato fries, oven vegetables, cheddar and homemade garlic sauce (V) €18.50

Pasta pesto, spaghetti with homemade pesto, onion, tomato, pepper, Parmesan cheese, arugula and pine nuts (V) €19.50



Cake from our own kitchen €5.50

Dame Blanche; old-fashioned delicious sundae with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce, whipped cream and topped with crispy nougatine €9.50

Scroppino; prosecco with lemon sorbet ice cream, a dash of vodka and a sprig of mint €9.50

Tiramisu with ladyfingers dipped in espresso and Amaretto, mascarpone and whipped cream €9.00

Pavlova; Merenque, with mascarpone cream and red fruit €9.50

New York cheesecake with a base of Bastogne crumble and a topping of red fruit compote with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream €8.50

Affogato; vanilla ice cream topped with warm expresso, whipped cream and chocolate curls €8.50 (with liqueur €11.00)

Special Coffee; coffee with liqueur and whipped cream €9.75

Children’s ice cream, scoop of vanilla ice cream with mini smarties and whipped cream €6.50



Kids pasta with cheese and a mild, creamy tomato sauce   €7,50

Fries with croquette, mayonnaise and apple sauce €7.50

Kids burger from the nearby farm ‘Horison’ served with homemade fries and mayo   €8,50



Slice of bread with butter €3.00

Portion of traditional fries with homemade mayonnaise €5.00

Portion of sweet potato fries with homemade mayonnaise €6.00

Green salad with mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pine nuts €5.00

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